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Pacific Trust Escrow, Inc. is a full-service, licensed and bonded independent escrow company serving California for over a decade. With a  modern offices and a team of professionals, the Pacific Trust Escrow Team upholds the highest ethical standards of impartiality and compliance while ensuring a swift, successful closing. We can assist you with all types of transactions, including Residential, Commercial, Refinance, Bulk Sales, Vacant Land, Short Sales, Mobile homes and REOs, while skillfully navigating unforeseen obstacles and complexities so that you can enjoy true confidence and peace of mind throughout the entire transaction.

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Purchasing and/or selling a home is often a profound and significant life event, and the importance of a competent and reliable escrow officer cannot be understated. Pacific Trust Escrow possesses the key knowledge and professionalism too confidently guide you through any unexpected circumstances or challenging loopholes towards a successful, timely closing.


If you are looking for top-quality escrow assistance with commercial transactions, you have come to the right place. Pacific Trust Escrow team members are trusted authorities on the complex and intricate rules and regulations of industrial and commercial escrow closings. Whether you are working with a multi residential property, an office building, a retail center, an industrial property or a hotel, we are experts at managing deadlines, finding creative solutions to unforeseen obstacles and cutting through red tape. We work hard to resolve errors, ensure the release of monies, and procure the appropriate documents so that you can enjoy a quick, efficient and seamless closing.


Whether you are seeking to consolidate a loan, take advantage of a superior interest rate, free up cash-flow or reduce monthly payments, Pacific Trust Escrow can assist you with all your refinancing needs. Refinancing allows you to renegotiate a new term and rate for a debt, but although it sounds simple, it is an intricate and daunting process requiring great creativity, an in-depth knowledge of the process, and strict adherence to critical deadlines. Our officers are seasoned veterans in the refinancing field, and we can assist you to navigate the loan landscape with ease.